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Help needed!


I hope you can help me.  A colleague of mine had to leave Shanghai a couple of weeks ago.  She has a lovely dog called Mamon (pictures attached), which she has left behind.  A friend and I are trying to re-home Mamon- sadly neither of us can take her because we have cats.  Mamon is a joy to be around; she just wants to be loved and has a very sweet nature.

We initially found temporary residence, but Mamon can’t stay there any longer so we are hoping to find someone else to re-home her for a month or so.  We have a possible person who can take her, so we are hoping this will cover her for a short time.

I was recommended JAR by a friend who adopted a dog from you.  I have looked on your website and see you can’t take in any more dogs for the moment.  Is this still the case?  If it is the case but we are able to find accommodation for Mamon, will we be able to advertise her on your website to find a new home?

I hope to hear from you very soon, and thank you in advance for your help and advice.

Warm regards,


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3 cute kittens available for adoption!

** Email received: **

Hello Marvin,

my name is Tatjana and i live in Lujiazui,
i contacted you yesterday via Facebook.
Now i’m sending you the informations about my kittens.

A friend of mine was feeding a stray, pregnant cat in his garden but she could not longer stay there because it was not safe for her.
So i took the cat in and she gave birth to 4 kittens in my apartment.
Currently they are 6,5 weeks old. Very cute and playful. End of April they will be ready to go to new homes, they will be dewormed and deflead. We are keeping one of them, but 3 are still looking for new family.
I’ve been spreading the word around my friends and my compound, but i could not find any adopters yet. That’s why i’m contacting you, it would be a great help for me if you could post the ad on your fb wall or your website.

my email:

3 cute kittens are looking for new homes!
I have 4 healthy and cute kittens free for adoption.

- 1 boy & 2 girls
- currently 6 weeks old
- will be dewormed and deflead
- they will be ready to go to their new homes end of April
if you are interested adopting one of them, please contact me:


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JAR 5th Anniversary Photos


Thank you to those who attended and braved the rain and did not mind getting a little bit wet!
It was unfortunate that the weather did not hold up, however we all had high spirits and great attitude to make the event successful.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who was involved from designing our huge banner (Tianyi) and to the organisations who participated to support our group, yet gave them a little exposure too ;)

I would like to thank the following people/vendors for making our special day happen….

Shanghai American School PD Campus – provided games, JAR for JAR treats, cookies and baked goods
Shanghai American School PX Campus – provided Coffee Mugs
Happy Tails – Delicious homemade and natural dog biscuits
BARK – Donated dog leashes and free nail clipping and discounted grooming services
Beck & Stone – Free consultation and discounted services
ANARCH – Provided natural dog/cat food (discounted)
EDIS Pet Food supplier – Provided pet gifts
Jinrong International Hotel- Provided flowers and water
IDIC – Provided soda and drinks!

Thank you to the Papas Bierstube Restaurant staff for being so accommodating and the Hongmei Lu Management for letting us use the courtyard and for providing tables and umbrellas!
Finally, I want to thank my dedicated and ‘eager to help’ volunteers and for being committed in helping this group succeed…….

We hope for more years to come and to carry on doing what we are doing. With your ongoing support, we can make it happen :)

We greatly appreciate your support!

Marvin & JAR Group

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Rabbit for adoption!

I rescued a rabbit last Thursday. I found it hopping around by itself on the public lawn of the compound, nearly squashed by the cleaning lady’s mop. She was washing the mop under a tap close by. I thought someone must have lost it because I vaguely remember a young girl walking her rabbit on the lawn. I took bunny home and left my cell number with the management office so the owner could contact me. However, after three days of silence, I was pretty sure that bunny got kicked out too. What a compound I am living in! A rescuer’s heaven! Here, you can rescue cats, dogs, birds, turtle and even rabbit! Had we acted fast enough, we could have brought a pet raccoon to adoption day too! Imagine that!

I am so surprised to find that rabbits are actually very friendly and affectionate! This little one certainly is! It really likes our attention. Whenever I enter its room, it would hop and leap to me. It likes sitting on my lap and loves me rubbing my chin on the soft head! WoW!
It is most likely a girl about 3 months old. It is very healthy and has been dewormed. It is people friendly and lots of fun.

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Puppy needs help!

I found a puppy that was abandoned in the bushes outside my complex. He looks to be 6 or 8 weeks old. I took him to the vet and got a checkup. He was found to be healthy. I took him home and all was good util the next morning when the new owners of the apartment next door showed up with a construction company. My apartment is now way too loud for a puppy. He is obviously very scared and has become incontinent, in other words he pees and poops without knowing it. I need help! I took this puppy in and was ready for the long haul till I could get him adopted but now I can’t because of things that are out of my control. I am willing to help pay towards the puppy’s needs until he is adopted.
Feel free to contact me at ANY time at or by phone at 13621620461

More details on the following website:

puppy2 puppy6 puppy7 puppybush1

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