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Puppy is looking for a home…

Pet Name: Puppy
Sex: Male
Breed: Mixed
Age: 2-3 Months
Weight: N/A
Color: Cream

Bought him from a local that was selling him. Was in cage fit for birds and appeared to be famished and dehydrated. Seller was roughly handling the puppy.
Vaccinations: Vaccinated but unsure shot it was (see health records book)
Hospital: Doctor Beck and Stone (Changning District)

Please help find Puppy a home before early August. He is sweet, adorable, and loves sleeping on your chest! I am student from the States and will not be able to help foster Puppy any longer. Please note that the puppy is only a few months old and have started teething. Although vaccinated, doctors recommend checking for symptoms such as excessive coughing, sneezing, runny nose.

IMG_2165 IMG_2177 IMG_2178

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Found Dog…..needing a home…..

This poor guy was left tied to a tree at the park where we walk our dogs in the 30+ heat yesterday with no water and just a bag of dry food . I desperately need someone to foster him for me as I am going on vacation this Saturday.

Please call me if you can help me out 156-0183-3175

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Whitey – 3 legged cat looking for a loving home

3-legged cat “Whitey” needs a loving home in Shanghai.
The 3-legged cat Whitey is recovering well. She is balancing beautifully, and she loves to play with her feather toys. She has a very nice and cuddly personality.

Besides her leg injury, which resulted in the leg amputation, Whitey also had a pelvic injury which seems to be healing, but she does need some sugar water daily to prevent constipation. We normally use Duphalac for this purpose. Her constipation may improve over time with good care and medication. Whitey has been spayed and vaccinated.

Whitey is looking for a new loving home, and we have received very warmhearted responses from several families, especially in Shanghai, so we have transferred Whitey from Shenzhen to Shanghai on our pet ambulance.

If you would like you to visit Whitey at our Pudong hospital please come any time from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

Here is her address:

Doctors Beck & Stone – Pudong 浦东
Reception: +86 21 5135 3091
107 Jinhu Road, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, Pudong New District, Shanghai 201206 (Corner of Jingang Road, 10 minutes north of Jinqiao Biyun International Community).

Here are the latest photos of Whitey:

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed unnamed (3)
“My name is Whitey, I am 8 months old, and one day I accidentally fell from up high, and a kindhearted person found me and sent me to Doctors Beck & Stone in Shenzhen. I was so badly injured that the doctors had to remove my leg in order to save my life. I was in a lot of pain, but now I am very happy as I have recovered. I love to play and make friends; I am very sociable; I wont say I am a supermodel, but I am not a bad looking cat; all the nurses and doctors certainly adore me. 
However I am still feeling a bit lonely sometimes at night, I am looking to find a permanent family to settle down with.


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Snowball available for adoption!

Please Help Me!

This adorable kitty needs a new home. I am going back home soon and cannot take him with me

Alice – Alek – Shadow (Snowball)Very healthy and loveable! He loves to play with string and balls and is always happy to see you!




1-5968246447 Julie


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Black Kitten in need of a home…

** Email received **

Hi there,

I recently found a black kitten and looking for some help to get it adopted or surrendered as i won’t be in Shanghai for long. Can you help? Let me know, thanks!

P.S: I haven’t named it as i thought it’ll be better the adopter names him instead. he kinda looks like toothless in How to Train your Dragon though.

Forgot to mention that between my colleague and I we have bought it quite a bit of food/cat litter and even a scratch post/carrier and can give these to anyone who is willing to look after the cute little thing as we will both not be in shanghai for very long. Hope that will help and await your advice as well. Thanks!

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


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