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Puppy looking for a home….

** Email received **


Last week some students of mine brought me a small puppy they found, she was shaking and dirty and skinny, clearly abandoned. I didn’t have the heart to tell them to put her back, so I’ve taken her in, however I’m not allowed to keep pets in my dorm room so I need to find her a new home. I’ve taken her to the vet to get all vaccinations, deflead and dewormed. She is healthy and doing well. The vet reckons she is between 3-6 months old, I’ve been training her and she already knows a few basic commands, clever dog! I hope you can help me find her a new home quickly, because if I get caught with her they will force me to put her back on the streets!
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Cats for adoption!

Gaia and Maya are 8 months old females (sisters). I got them when they were four weeks old and they are the most loving cats I can imagine having.

They are vaccinated, neutered, dewormed and deflead. They are also litter-box and scratch-pad trained.
I am also giving away their favorite accessories: two litter boxes, cat tree, scratch tower, cat tunnel, cat carry bag, and an assortment of cat toys.
They have grown up together and are really fond of each other, so I am hoping to find a family which can adopt both of them.

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Looking for a permanent home…

This is our little rescue pup Martin. I found him while walking home from work one evening on the busy street near Liujiazui.. He was being teased by some men on the street and as I got a little closer, I realised his left leg was dangling from his body. I felt so sorry for him but as I already have a rescue dog, I tried to leave him behind, but he wasn’t leaving me behind! He followed me all the way to an intersection where he walked blindly into traffic. This is probably how he broke his leg in the first place. He couldn’t be left on the street after that as I knew he was not a proper street dog and had no chance of survival. He is temporarily enjoying the comforts of our home, but our current dog does not appreciate Martin’s company as much as we do, or else we would really love to keep him ourselves. He is a very sweet dog and loves to be scratched on the neck. He is leash trained, housebroken, and responding really well to the training we are doing with him. He would do really well in a home where he is the only dog with a family who will give him firm guidance on house rules  and spoil him with lots of toys. He loves squeaky toys! Thank You :)

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Puppy available!

Dear Jaiya Friends,

I am contacting you as my kids found an approx. two months’ old puppy. Unfortunately, it turns out he has CDV. I am having him treated at Beck & Stone. If he survives, I will have to find a foster home from next Monday with no other dogs as he will be contagious for another few months. We have another rescue dog we adopted two years ago. Do you happen to know anyone who could foster little Max or have a tip what to do?

He’s an adorable little thing. Many thanks for any advice!



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JAR attending German School Christmas Bazaar 2014

JAR will participate at the Christmas Bazaar of the German School Puxi on November 29th. It’s the 5th time we will be at this event – how time flies! Come and join us at our table.

We are going to sell adorable Christmas decorations, super cute cookie tins, our famous fairy lights, cat and dog toys, home-made cookies, second-hand books and a lot more.
All proceeds will go to our animals.

We will also provide information about who we are and what we do, how to foster or adopt an animal from us and how you can help us.

Event: Christmas Bazaar German School Puxi / Weihnachtsbasar 2014
Date: Saturday, November 2014
Time: 3 pm – 8 pm
Address: German School Puxi Campus, 350 Gaoguang Road in Qingpu

We are looking forward to seeing you at this event

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Anyone for a Biscuit? :)

Name: Biscuit
Gender: Female
DOB: 3 months old

This tiny adorable little girl was hit by a car just before the rescuer passed her on my way home from the airport (according to the truck driver trying to catch her when she arrived).  She seems OK, just some tenderness when I pick her up. She has been taken to the vet but her health turned and was hospitalized for a few days. Her health is OK now and we are currently looking for a permanent home!
Can you help?

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Pet Toys donation…..

A big thank you to Alexandra Roloff for donating a big box of cat and dog toys again!
We will be using the donations for our Christmas bazaar events participation.

JAR will be at the German International School (Puxi), Concordia International School (Pudong) and the Jinqiao Green City ‘mini’ adoption event.

Come along!

Your support is very much appreciated!

Thank you!

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