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Baoshan – Building A Home – Project

Jaiya's Animal Rescue - Building a home


 How our plea came about….     

On Saturday, February  20, 2010, I went to Baoshan with a friend who  in  turn introduced me  to Ayi  Wang. 

ayi wang

Ayi Wang

  Ayi  Wang  is a caring and  kindhearted individual who  herself has personally  rescued abandoned and  abused  dogs (22 dogs / 12 cats in the shelter and  5 dogs / 4 cats in her home!).  For the past couple of years  she has housed them in  a building with limited space and  resources  (linen, food, medical care etc).
Everyday, she takes a bus, which take over an  hour to the vicinity to feed and  check up on the dogs. She  has 5 other Ayi  friends  helping  her,  however, with no funding, they  can  only do so much  in providing  the animals  medical care  & pet supplies.
Currently  each  pen (4 in total  – 3 pens  for the dogs and  1 pen for the cats, approx 7 x 4 feet in size) holds  6-7 dogs per pen. I have seen the dogs and  they are all adorable and wanting attention. I am  just glad  that these dogs are out of harms way, however, their living conditions need to be drastically improved. Apparently, all of the dogs have been vaccinated, dewormed, deflead and desexed. This is something that we would like to have a veterinarian come out and thoroughly check. Ayi Wang  is doing her best in caring for these animals and seeing the situation on Saturday has inspired me to help this person and  the animals.
The goal now  is to raise 10,000 RMB (this is the cost to build  them a proper kennel).      

Picture of current base

Picture of current baseInside one of the rooms

 This will  provide a bigger home & space for the dogs/cats. It will  also give us the opportunity to health check each dog/cat, have them professionally groomed and provide them with pet supplies, linen, food, chewing bones with extra funding received.  Once the donations have been received, the contractors will  take approx 1 month to build the units. The home  will  provide ample space and walking area for the dogs to be exercised in and an area for play. We will  have the dogs/cats screened (health) and ensure their temperament and character is deemed  suitable for adoption. Slowly but surely we will  push to have the animals adopted out to good homes and to loving families.
With your support, JAR  will  be able to continue its mission:   

To provide education and outreach in the community, medical services for needy animals, upgrade facilities for homeless animals,  and  strong adoption programs to ensure that  every companion animal  lives in a safe, secure, and loving home. 

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