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‘Kiss The Dog’ – Fundraiser for JAR at SAS – Pudong!

‘Kiss the Dog’?…what is that you ask?
The Shanghai American School in Pudong held a fundraiser event (Elementary/Middle and High School students) to raise money for the Animal Rescue Project Group and JAR by donating money in the teachers JAR. Whoever had the most donation had to kiss Picasso (stray rescued by JAR, now with a loving family (Danka & Ryan))
It was a successful and fun event and the teachers/students raised a whopping 10,000 RMB!
Thanks again to the support that Marney and her group has done for JAR. The group has made things possible to help more vulnerable animals and assist further with JAR projects ahead!

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  1. Shady
    April 3, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    What a great fundraising idea!!! Good way to get kids involved, too. Thank you for blogging about rescue, Mom and I believe it helps raise awareness. Best of luck, I hope you raise a lot of cash.


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