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JAR’S 3rd pit stop

Third ’Pit Stop’ – Stray Pup & ‘Jin Qiao’ puppy
A puppy (Cappuccino) was saved from Jinqiao (Pudong) area late afternoon on Saturday 3rd April (see article here). A good friend of JAR called us and kindly arranged boarding at Mignon Boutique till I arranged another plan by arranging  to pick Cappuccino the next day (Sunday 4th April), and transported to Shen Kang Pet Hospital near Longyang Lu (Pudong).
Whilst we were having lunch in Puxi (waiting for the husband to arrive – see 2nd Pit Stop – Puxi Puppies story), our friend contacted us again and stated that she saw another stray puppy huddled up behind a fencing area all sick and poorly. What can I do? We can’t leave the poor thing suffering right? After lunch and deciding to leave as the husband did not turn up (owner of the puppies), Vivian (a fellow rescuer and animal lover) and I drove back to Pudong and met up with our friend. She showed us where the puppy was and there he was. Lying down on rubble and a pile of rubbish, his hind leg was twitching so bad, so weak that he was unable to stand up, and looked so sick. I climbed over a tall fence and went closer to the dog. He heard me as his eyes were glued shut due to infection and saw his little tail wagging. He needed help, he wanted to be saved. Vivian kindly lent me her jacket so I can wrap the dog in it. I passed him over the fencing to Vivian and rushed back to the car. Before going anywhere, the main reason we went back to Pudong was to pick up Cappuccino! We rushed off to Shen Kang Pet Hospital near Longyang Lu.
Unfortunately,after tests, the dog (now called Jin Qiao) contracted distemper (hence the twitching of his hind leg, infection on both of his eyes). The doctor started the 3 stage healing process and has him on a drip and on medication. We want to give him a chance as there’s always a 2nd chance.

Update: 5th April
You’ll be glad to know that Jin Qiao has improved and is better than yesterday!!!  🙂
We will know the outcome in the next couple of days…….

Update: 6th April
Things have turned around with Jin Qiao’s recovery. His health has declined and is not doing as well as we would have liked him to be. We are monitoring his progress and if he does not improve, then…….    😦

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