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Abandoned kittens

Email received: Abandoned kittens (Saturday 3rd April, 2010)3 helpless kittens abandoned in a box in Hongkou district. The rescuer contacted JAR for assistance, so I met up with her at the Shanghai Naughty Family Pet (Dongfang Lu – Pudong branch). The kittens are all females and approx 7 – 8 weeks old. The two ginger kittens have skin infection (fungus) and the tabby kitten has an eye infection.

** Update (6th April)** 
The kittens health condition has improved and are a lot better! They have been all given their 1st vaccine shots and are being looked after by the staff at the hospital. Thanking them for being accommodating and giving us the space to board the kittens.
We are also fortunate to have 2 foster parents and 1 potential adopter willing to give the little girls a roof over their tiny heads!!  😉
What are their names? Hiss 1, Hiss 2 & Hiss 3!!!  🙂
More updates to follow….


Tim & Tam (kittens)

Tim & Tam – Email received:

“Hello, I have found 2 kittens. They are not very old and I am not experienced with kittens. I have bought formula to feed them but they have eye discharge and I would like them to see a vet. Please let me know what your procedure is for these animals. I cannot keep them because I am only here for 2 months. I don’t even know if my landlady will allow me to have them in my room but I snuck them in. Any help you can give asap would be much appreciated.”

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They are both in foster care and have a slight skin condition. Undergoing special shampoo and bathing treatment, in time their skin will improve. The kittens are approx 8 to 9 weeks old and have been vaccinated.
More updates to follow….

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Baoshan Project – Update Sheet

Dear JAR supporters,

Please find herewith update sheet with regards to JAR’S Baoshan ‘Build a Home’ Project!
JAR – Baoshan Project

Thank you for all the wonderful support from everyone. With all your generous contributions, we made it possible to build a shelter for the dogs & cats!
Thank you!!!

Thank you!

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