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Dumped in Vizcaya….meet George

April 7th, 2o10 – Phone call received (1:45pm):

We received a phone call from a family who supports JAR and are fellow dog owners informing us that they rescued a St. Bernard puppy that was dumped in a box, covered in faeces, filthy, had green pus coming from his eyes and was just skin and bones!
The family took him in to their home, gave him a bath, and named him George! He is such a cute little (for now) thing!
We took him to Shen Kang Pet Hospital (Pudong) and had him tested for Parvo/Distemper and fortunately, the results came back NEGATIVE! 🙂
He will be staying at the hospital for 7 days for further observation, dripped with IV and to hopefully get him back on track.
His profile will soon be published on our website, and hopefully someone out there will adopt him!

** Update **
12th April, 2010

Unfortunately, George did not make it. There was hope the day after we took him to the hospital, however, today, he had trouble breathing and passed away. The doctor had not chance. It was basically too late, the damage was done……RIP little fella….

  1. olivia allan
    April 10, 2010 at 8:46 am

    Hi, i was searching for animal adoption web in shanghai, and i found this website. i would really love to adopt this George. i hope i have the chance to adopt a puppy from JAR. please please do contact me if George is ready for adoption. back in my hometown(Jakarta, Indonesia) i have 3 dogs 2 goldens and 1 shit-zu.

    I’m now staying in Haikou but planning to move to Shanghai by june or july. if george is ready for adoption i dont mind flying to where ever he is to pick him up (instead of shipping him) and bring him to Haikou. By june or july when i move to Shanghai, of course i will bring him along with me.

    Thank you… looking forward for the reply.

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