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…plea for help….Xiao hei…

Dear JAR,
I am writing to ask for your help.
Recently I rescured a stray dog “Xiaohei”,  and have done with the steriliazation operation.  Currently she is staying in the vet for recovery.
She is a very young dog about 1.5 years old, timid and fragile in personality, but physically strong and healthy.
Around 2 months ago, i found her living near the rubbish bin under a small little tree, and heard from the neighbourhood that she had been staying there since last August. She was so timid and almost nobody could get approach to her. She spent the chilly winter and hard rainy & snowy days outdoors under that little tree, whenever someone passby, she hid herself in the small hole and trembling beause I know she was scared.
I couldn’t sleep well those nights and couldn’t help thinking of that little thing suffering. I went to feed her twice per day to gain the trust, and oneday finally I succeeded trapping her and brought to the vet.  Afer the sterilization operation, I was told she already had 3 baby dogs gestated. I felt guilty for a while, but again lucky feeling grew because this made the world less stray dogs leading miserable life. May those babies reborn in other wonderful places where people more respect animals, and respect lives as they respect themselves.
I’m writing to ask for some help from you, hoping your prestigious platform will lead the little thing to the happiness., get her a real home.

looking foward to hearing from you soon and thank you so much!
PS: attached pls find the recent photos of Xiaohei. I will definitely bring more pics to make Xiaohei adorable to the potential owners! thanks!

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