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Training our Baoshan dogs…..

** Thank you Astrid for taking the time in training the dogs in Baoshan. She has been a wonderful in providing JAR and families who have adopted from us the support and advice. I will be posting her updates and progress. So far, things are going smoothly. Well done!! **

** 20th April, 2010 **
Hi Marvin,
Today Hua Hua decided to trust fully and that it´s time for a walk and so we went 🙂
At the beginning he was scared of everything/everyone, but at the end he hardly didn´t react any more to electric bikes, but it is still a long way to go until he will be relaxed on a walk.
Will you go on the weekend to the shelter? Ben asked to play with the puppies and Wang ayi agreed, so we will go there on Saturday morning (8-10 a.m.)

Kind regards

Hua Hua doing her walks...

Hua Hua doing her walks...

19th April, 2010
Hi Marvin, 
Today I took out Jimmy, Black + Mai Li for walks.
Jimmy is very excited, pulls like hell and would love to run to other places, but he already pulled less than last week. The pulling will be quite a long way to go as he – unfortunately – is too excited to spend attention to food rewards or other rewards…

Black (blind on right eye) knows how to walk on a lead, tries out the other end of the lead but finally excepts that with pulling he doesn´t have success. We even went for a short jogging distance :-).

Mai Li (together with other two in a kennel) seems to be at least partly a German Hunting Dog (Deutsch Draathaar). She is a bit shy to strangers, afraid of small children, but it was really fun to walk her. She is sniffing all the time (Hunting dog), hardly ever pulls, interested in food and is a really good jogging partner :-).
I attached some walking pictures of today. But unfortunately the pictures of Mai Li are quite bad, I hope you have better ones.
I will take them out for a walk now on a regularly base, next time next week.
I will go tomorrow morning again, then – hopefully – Hua Hua and his friends are still hungry, today they already had finished their breakfast :-(, therefore we couldn´t make that much progress as I was hoping to do, but we still have had some progress to be seen with all 4 of these dogs in his kennel.

I´ll keep you updated.


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