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Meet PIP!

** Update: 28th April, 2010 – Sad news…. **
I’m sorry to tell you this, but Pip has just passed away. He was fighting real hard, but the infection has gotten the best of him. He became lethargic on Monday night but after some feedings he seemed to recovery slightly. I took him to the vet yesterday and they diagnosed him with a viral infection. They said they could do little for the infection itself but they gave me antibiotics for any secondary bacterial infection and eye drops for an eye inflection he had developed as well. Pip remained lethargic despite the medication yet he seemed a little stronger. We kept him warm and fed but he far from the active, meowing kitten he had been just days before. He passed away during the night. He was a great little kitten and we miss him already.

** JAR would like to thank her foster parent (Emily) for looking after Pip **

Message from our rescuer: 18th April, 2010

‘Pip was found on the campus of Shanghai High School on 4/16/2010. It was terribly cold that night, and pretty wet too. We didn’t see her at first, rather, we heard her. She was mewing so loud we could hear it a good distance away. Wondering where the sound was coming from, my friend and I went to investigate along a less taken path, and there she was! She was lying in the middle of a brick road, very cold and very alone. Her eyes were closed and she could fit in one of my already small hands. We looked around for its mother or siblings, but could find neither. So I took her in. She has earned the name Pipsqueak because she loves to mew and meow. She also loves to explore! Despite her closed eyes, she still tried to crawl into and investigate everything around her. She is definitely a lover though, and enjoys being close to people. I worried she wanted to be a pirate because her right eye opened on the morning of Sunday 4/18, but her left eye remained closed. Upon discovering vision she has become more and more curious about the world around her. Her left eye only opened up about an hour ago (4/19, 9:30pm). She is a joy to be around, however, I am unable to take care of her due to my job and the amount of care a newborn kitten needs. I hope she will bring joy to whomever takes her to her forever home. We estimate her to be around 10 days old given the timing of her eyes opening.’

If you are interested in fostering/adopting Pip, please contact us!

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