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Kunshan Kittens

** Update: 5th May, 2010 **
2 are in foster care and hopefully the other 2 are adopted!

** Update – 28th April, 2010 **
2 kittens have been adopted. 1 hopefully for fostering!
4 Kittens saved in Kunshan and kudos to the rescuer doing her best in providing food to them as the mother cat abandoned them.  😦

** Kunshan Kittens **

If anyone out there is willing to help us foster, adopt or just help out, please email us at

These kittens need a permanent roof, loving family and the attention they need.

Thank you for your support!



JAR’S Charity Bike Tour

** Message from Sandra – BIKE AROUND SHANGHAI **
Sandra Wierenga •
Dear all,
Hereby I would like to thank you all for your participation in, as well as donation for, the Jaiya Charity Bike Tour, of yesterday April 25th.
The total benefits of the bicycle tour and donations is RMB 4.830 –
Mark, Sally & parents, Jennefer, Shari and friends, it was really nice cycling with you!
Thank you so much for your generous donations:
Julia & Matt Worrall         Family of Philly (Shanghai) and great supporters of Jaiya
Mirian Keuning                 Founder and Managing Director of “Sure Exposure” (Tourism & Hospitality Consultancy – Shanghai)
Cybele van Amen             Founder and Creative Director of “Pearls ‘n Beads” – Shanghai
Danny van Elten              General Manager of “The New Height”s – Shanghai
I will take care that Marvin (Founder and Director of Jaiya) will get the sum and name cards as soon as possible.
Have a wonderful day!