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Baoshan dogs – training….

** 5th April, 2010 *

Dear Marvin,

Jimmy is working hard on understanding that it is not always him to go  first, and yes, indeed, he can walk on a leash without pulling :-). The last two walks most of the times he walked on a weak leash – it was so relaxing for me ;-).
He lets pass without any reaction to people, cars, bicycles and motorbikes, and he is walking the bridges without any hesitation. He has shown a big improvement and is ready to go to a new owner who is keeping a consistent training.


** 27th April, 2010 –  Message and training update from our wonderful dog trainer – Astrid **

Dear Marvin,

Today I went again to the shelter, I took out Hua Hua, Xiao Hua, Black, Jimmy and Mai Li.
First I was walking Hua Hua, did I say the last time it would take quite a long time until he will be able to walk relaxed on a lead? This dog is amazing. He decided last week to trust and now he is really trusting! First he jumped into my arms to say “Hello! Where have you been the last few days?” and then he was just waiting calmly until I finished putting collar and harness onto him and was looking forward to leave for a long walk.
He is sniffing and enjoying the walk, sometimes something scares him, then he just makes a jump to the side, but only to be back by the next step and to go on. He is taking care of the other side of the leash, always aware of changing of speed. It is really a joy to go on a short jogging distance with him.
Next time we will do the next step and introduce him to more people, walking down the streets instead of walking through a park, so he will not only see scooters and bycicles but also cars and trucks, and more pedestrians.
The second dog I took out was Xiao Hua, this cute little lady almost looks like Hua Hua, but is a tiny little bit smaller and female. And she has some more brown spots as well as a black one on her tail. She is doing very well (see picture).
The third dog was Black. He knows exactly how to behave if someone wants to put a collar and a harness onto him: He just stood in front of me waiting until I finished everything so that we could leave. Today he did show me that he knows how to walk without pulling :-).    He really is used to walk on a lead.

Next one was Jimmy. Today he learned, that being slowlier means that he reaches the goal faster – wow, he could wait in front of a door until it is open and he got permission to go through. He is full of energy and very excited to go outside. He did very well today, he still pulls but it is getting less. He would love to have his own garden where he could run and play around a lot.
The last dog for today was Mai Li. Again she did very well. She also likes the jogging parts :-).
I send you some pictures of her.
So much for now, I am looking forward to go again and see the dogs making such nice progress