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Da Xiao needs a new home…

** Update: September 2010 – Da Xiao has been successfully adopted! **

That’s me DaXiao (BigSmall) on the left. My little sister XiaoXiao (SmallSmall) is on the right. She’s gone now.

My Daddy Matthew found me on the street as a homeless little kitten 6 years ago. I was so lucky! I’ve had a wonderful, loving, indoor- outdoor life. And since Matthew travels a lot, I’ve got another loving Daddy Dave to take care of me. My life has been Purr-fect! 
But things change, right? Matthew is more and more ‘global mobile’ and Dave is moving to another country soon. So they’re helping me find a new loving Mommy or Daddy. PAW is my vet, so I’m very healthy, and I get along great with both people and cats! People say I have the prettiest green eyes. I’m a boy, but don’t worry, I’ve been ‘fixed’, so I won’t be causing any problems in that area 🙂

I don’t use the phone or computer much, so please contact:

Matthew 13817899178  rappingprofessor@gmail.com  or
Dave       13621883252  earlofdavid@hotmail.com 

I can’t wait to see my new home. I’ll be really good, I promise!!

Da Xiao needs a new home!

Da Xiao needs a new home!

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