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kittens saved……..

Rescuer: Alejandra
The story is like this:
‘One afternoon, while going to the supermarket, I saw the 4 kittens running and meowing in the garden of a compound located some 100 meters of the building where I live. They seemed ok, but it was clear that they did not have their Cat Mom with them, since they have their faces quite dirty (if they had their Cat Mom … she will keep them nice and tidy!). Also it was clear that they were just surviving on the food that they were able to find and on the food that some good people was giving them whenever possible. 
I started to feed them that same day and a few days later (on May 5th) I was able to catch “Blondie” through the garden fence of the compound (his siblings run and hide). Blondie came to live with me and since the first day he was very sweet and friendly. As time passed by he became very big and healthy (I took him to the Vet and he got the flea and worm treatment). 
After May 5th I did not see the other 3 kittens, even though I looked for them for several days and I left food for them anyway every single time. 
Then, last saturday (May 22th) the 3 remaining kittens amazingly showed up again in the compound garden … so I took the chance and got the 3 of them in a cardbox!  
When I took them to my apartment, Blondie recognized them and viceversa … the family was finally all together again!!!    :o)
When you look at them now (even though they are the same age) you can tell that one was eating properly while the others where fending for themselves … however, I am doing my best to feed them with the proper food and to keep them healthy and happy! 
Now the four of them eat, play and sleep all the long … it is amazing to see them together again!
They are family!!!’

There are 4 siblings (3 males and 1 female).
Males: Blondie, Tomasino and Maxim
Female: Rosita

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