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Co-operation with Stray-Petersburg (Russia)

JAR & Stray-Petersburg are joining forces to try to find the animals we have in care permanent homes and to reach out more to the community of our cause.
Not only will we be having our monthly Animal Adoption Day (Sunday 4th  July), we will also be selling (for donation purposes) books to the public!
Come along and enjoy your day with us!…perhaps you can go home with a few books and a furry friend?  😉

We hope to see you there!

**E-Posters in Russian and Japanese**

“Stray-Shanghai together with JAR will be holding an Adoption Day on July 4.

You will be able to see the available cats and dogs and get more info about other adoptable animals.
We will be also selling more than 300 donated books 10 rmb each.

Hongmei road is a very interesting place with Xiaonanguo SPA, Zhenzhucheng Mall and numerous restaurants nearby, so you, your family and friends can have a lot of fun there.Welcome to our adoption day!”

We’ve already placed the info on every Japanese/Russian site we know, I hope people will show up or at least spread our message, but you are right…the WEATHER!!!! If it rains then many may be will choose to stay at home…”

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