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3 x 100% Shanghai strays….

** Update – September 2010 – All kittens have been adopted! **

** Update pictures of kittens below **

Whitey - female

Whitey - female

Runty - male
Runty – male
Brownie - Female

Brownie - Female

 ** Rescuers story…….** 
My family and I live over on the Gube.  Gubei near Yan an.  I’m not home much due to this job I have and my wife works full time too.  Got two little boys and they were out riding bikes with mom one evening and happened upon these little kitties wandering.  I don’t know the exact particulars about how three little kitties with eyes not yet open were out for a stroll.  They couldn’t see at the time and could barely walk so how they got out of their moms care I don’t know.  But I trust they were found in a vulnerable spot near the road and were destined to be squashed very soon.  No mom cat to be seen and my wife decided she could do better for them and took them home.  Despite our hectic schedules they are well taken care of and getting fat and happy.  I’ve now got them on kitty formula as you suggested and maybe will start some soft food soon.  They all have had eyes open for about two weeks or three and all are walking and getting around pretty good.
Fluffy – He is the biggest and is the all over orangeish – think he is a boy but not sure.
Whitey – It is about half and half orange and white  – gender not known.
Runty – I can’t recall it’s real name – It is half and half and it is the runt, but it is doing well also. Just a little behind the others. Gender unknown.
They are all 100%  Shanghai Strays!!

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