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Mother cat and her son…..

** 27th July, 2010 **

…received a phone call from a good friend that he had saved a mother cat and her kitten. He told me that it had an issue with it’s tail, it had come to him needing help as they were both unfortunately starving!
I goes to his home and my friend showed us the cats kept in the cat carried.
The cats were both black and white, malnurished, and in need of medical care. I could not see her tail as she was hiding it under her body, but when I did see her tail, I was so shocked and wondered how it became to be in that state!
The cats were both very friendly and accommodating. She was owned before for sure….she was just abandoned….nothing new I suppose in this city.

Mother and her poor tail....

Mother and her poor tail....

The doctors will apply and provide medicine for a couple of weeks in hopes the infection will cease and the tail will revive, however, if it does not improve, the tail will need to be amputated….fingers crossed…
The mother cat has been deflead and given ear mites treatment. Her son (approx 6 weeks old) is healthy, but needed to be dewormed and deflead. It will have it’s first vaccine shot next week.

her infected tail...

her infected tail...

Here is her son ‘Patch’. He is a nice young kitten and highly adoptable if anyone out there is willing to adopt him!

The mother cat will be staying in the vet hospital for 2 months in hopes that her tail will recover. If anyone is interested in helping us in helping the cats, please do let us know. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated!

Thanking Shen Kang Vet Hospital and staff for helping and doing what they can to support JAR and our rescued animals!

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