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Meet Chaplin

** Update Oct 2010 – Chaplin has been adopted! **
** UPDATE – 1st Sept, 2010 – Currently under trial adoption **

** from Stray-Shanghai **

Chaplin was rescued near East China Normal University in late March 2010. From the first day at our  home it became obvious to us that he once lived in a family as he is used to be around people.

Chaplin is a very sweet dog, he never barks and very calm at home, very friendly with people, even strangers, and pets, cats in particular.

He is very clean and toilet trained, always waits until you take him for a walk.
He has been vaccinated and has a 1 year dog license. 

We are looking for a caring and responsible family who can guarantee they will take care of Chaplin for his whole life.

Gender: Male
Age: approx 8 months old
Health: Vaccinated, dewormed, deflead and  neutered.
His weight  is approx 15 kg and he is 45-50 cm tall





If you are interested in adopting Chaplin, please email:
gorogoro-shanghai@hotmail.com  or shanghaidogs@gmail.com

Check out:  http://stray-shanghai.jimdo.com for more details of the organisation.



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