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Animal Advisory (Dogs)

Urgent Heat Wave Animal Advisory
With the hottest days of summer upon us and temperatures right now climbing above 35 degrees every day, we need your help to spread some lifesaving tips on caring for dogs.

Sharing this vital information with everyone in your network could mean the difference between life and death for a dog during this sweltering summer heat: ·         Keep dogs inside: Unlike humans, dogs can only sweat through their footpads and cool themselves by panting. Soaring temperatures can cause heat stress and be physically damaging or even fatal. 

·         Water and shade: If dogs must be left outside, they should be supplied with ample fresh water and shade, and the shifting sun needs to be taken into account. Where is the animal when you are at work? Even brief periods of direct exposure to the sun during a heat wave can have life-threatening consequences. Dogs should never be chained, as this can leave them no way to escape the direct sun at certain times of the day, no way to seek water should their water source be knocked over, and so on. 

·         Walk, don’t run: In very hot, humid weather, never exercise dogs by cycling while they try to keep up or by running them while you jog. Dogs will collapse before giving up, at which point it may be too late to save them. They can quickly become severely overheated, and an exercise session can turn into a medical emergency. 

·         Avoid parked cars: Never, ever leave a dog in a parked car in warm weather, even for short periods with the windows slightly open. Dogs trapped inside parked cars can succumb to heatstroke within minutes—even if the car isn’t parked in direct sunlight. If you see a dog trapped in a parked car, immediately take down the car’s color, model, and license-plate number, have the guardian paged inside nearby stores and call the police. Do not leave the scene before the animal is helped! 

·         Hot pavement: Dogs can suffer painful burns on their footpads from heated asphalt, pavement, and sand. Test the heat of surfaces with your hand before walking a dog on them. 

·         Pickups: Never transport dogs in the bed of a pickup truck. This practice is dangerous because animals can catapult out of the truck bed on a sudden stop or choke if they jump out while they’re tied up. During hot weather, dogs’ feet and bellies can also get burned on the metal. 

·         Stay alert and save a life: Keep an eye on all outdoor dogs. Make sure that they have adequate water and shelter. If you see a dog in distress, contact an animal rescue group right away and give the dog immediate relief by providing water.

chill out

chill out

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