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JAR – August Adoption Day

JAR’S AUGUST ANIMAL ADOPTION DAY at Cafe Du Monde (Pudong – Big Thumb Plaza)

JAR’S Pudong Animal Adoption Day was a success! Many rescuers and people came to support our cause.
We ensured that ‘Big Thumb Plaza’s Management was fine having many dogs in the vicinity and we also informed the head of the Police Department in Pudong to give us the ‘all clear’.
Even though the weather was hot, we thanked our lucky stars that it did not rain.

JAR would like to thank Robin (Cafe Du Monde restaurant owner) and his staff in providing us a place to hold our AD. They were all very helpful and accommodating. Thank you very much!
Everyone had a great time. Approx 20+ dogs/puppies and 4 kittens came with their rescuers. In total, we adopted out 8 animals with 2 pending adoptions (5 dogs/puppies & 3 kittens).

Animals adopted

Animals adopted

We want to thank people who also came to give donations, gifts, fostering, volunteer support and a chance to cooperate with companies and establishments.

Total donations raised: 3800 RMB.
Money will go towards the cats & kittens we have in Shen Kang hospital (undergoing treatment), vaccinations & grooming costs for our 24 dogs/11 cats in Baoshan. The donations received should cover the costs.
Thank you to the families who adopted and donated to our cause. Everyone’s support is greatly appreciated!

Other News:

Annual CityServe Charity Volunteer Recruitment Fair
JAR will attend the Annual CityServe Charity Volunteer Recruitment Fair, on Saturday September 4th, in Pudong. This event is organized by the Community Center Shanghai and its main objective is to provide an opportunity for charities to showcase their work, spread the word and recruit fresh new volunteers.

Our next Animal Adoption Day is on 5th September at Papas Bierstube.
Same time…same place in Puxi.

See you again soon.

Thank you!

JAR Group

** pictures from our adoption day below! ** 

 ** More pictures on Goumin BBS **


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