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Save the Pug

** Update: Bao Bao has been successfully adopted! – September 2010 **

** Current post on: http://bbs.aigou.com/bbs/post/view/126_91753521_0__1_30.html **
Rescuer/Foster parent and volunteer for JAR:  Vivian Hui
JAR will contribute on medical fees. We need kind hearted people to support and donate a little so baby Pug will be better soon!

Please find below translated version from the forum:

“A ‘help’ message from my friend made me meet the little pug, abandoned on the street by the cruel owner, with sysmetic fester and two perforated eyes. When I first saw him, I felt so sad. This little guy kept holding me, just like he was afraid of being given up again. On the way to hospital, he fell asleep in my arms. How long haven’t he slept?
The veterinarian gave the treatment: he need antiphlogistic injection and medication every day, also need medicinal bath regularly. It will take at least three months for him to recover. I decided immediately to treat him. However the initial expense is very high. The dog has to be saved, but I can’t imagine what I can do next. I still have 4-5 dogs waiting for adoption. I nearly spend all my salary every month and can’t afford it any more, thus I hope people from the BBS or kind hearted people can help me to save him together! I can’t bear that he roams on the street again. I call him Baobao and wish h will get recover soon. 
    If you would and could help me, please send a message  through  BBS or email shanghaidogs@gmail.com 
JAR is going to help and contribute some funds on the medical fees.
Please believe that every cent of donation will be used to cover medical expenses for Baobao! 
Thank you very much! Any support given will be greatly appreciated!
God bless you!

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