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4 musketeers

** Update (Oct 2nd) – Tabbie successfully adopted!
** Update: Callie & Blackie have been both adopted! (Oct 10th)
** Ginger has been adopted!

Rescued: Monday 16th August, 2010 (9:30pm)
Location: Tomson Gardens (Pudong)

Coming home in the taxi one evening, the security guard stopped the car and showed me that there were 4 kittens near the roadside and sure enough, there they were all hanging around. They were starving to death and had no place to go. The mother was no where in sight (after looking around for her). They looked in a terrible state and needed medical attention. I took all of them to the vet and are currently in incubation period. They all have been deflead and dewormed and will be given their 1st shots on Monday (23rd Aug). No signs of viral infections,  skin issues or any other underlying diseases. They are all approx 6 to 7 weeks old (gender to be determined). I have taken pictures of each of the kittens. They are all friendly and adorable! They get along well together!
Please help and provide them a roof over their heads and give attention and interaction they need!

Thank you!

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