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Element Fresh rescued cats

** Update: Last kitten (Blackie) got adopted! – Oct 9th **
** Update: 2 more kittens were successfully adopted out – 16th Sept, 2010 **
** Update: 2 kittens were successfully adopted out – Sept 10th, 2010 **
** Mother cat (Cupcake) has been adopted – Nov 2010 **

Received a phone call the other day from a rescuer stating  she had found a mother cat and her litter (5 kittens) hanging around Element Fresh restaurant near the Superbrand Mall (Lujiazui). We at JAR are of course ‘maxed’ out on resources and desperately seeking for more foster parents and adopters to help our group. We could however say no to the rescuer’s request as she informed me that the cats were becoming to be a ‘nuisance’ to many patrons and we were told that they were going to be discarded if nothing was going to be done. We do not want that to happen now do we?

Today (31st August), I went with my cat carrier and towels, and the rescuer came with food, towels and a large cardboard box for the kittens. Many EF staff and ‘passers by’ came to have a ganders at what was happening. Too many people so we asked them nicely to stand back and to let me do my job in catching them.
We were fortunate enough to catch the kittens one by one while feeding them with bits of chicken. The mother cat is super friendly and we had no issues in getting her in the cat carrier. Whilst I was catching the kittens, my wife called and said the guards in our compound dropped off a kitten in a box outside our doorstep!……so another cute kitten has joined the ‘rescued animal crew’!

We drove to the hospital and had the doctors check up on them. The kittens are approx 4 weeks old and are going to stay in the hospital till their 1st vaccine shot. Ear mites medicine has been given and the mother will be spayed once the kittens have weaned.
They are all safe and receiving food/water now. Thank you to the rescuer in contributing medical/boarding costs. We appreciate your kind support!
The other good news is we managed to adopt a stray puppy that was boarding at the hospital! Please see a picture of Mao Mao below! Lucky girl!  🙂

All in all, a pleasant result for everyone!

Now…..the task in finding these sweet and adorable little things homes!

Mao Mao was luckily adopted!

Mao Mao was luckily adopted!

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