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JAR’S September Adoption Day

Thank you so much for the mass attendance, support and donations from people. JAR’S Animal Adoption Day was a huge success yet again as we managed to adopt out 10 cats/kittens,  4 dogs/puppies, a handful of people wanting to do volunteer work, and several foster parents willing to help!
It was a mix bag on the weather as it rained sometimes, but it did not dampen the mood of the so many enthusiastic people that came as many dogs and cats brought smiles to their faces!
Thank you to Shanghai American School volunteers for handing out leaflets all along Hongmei Lu, Barbara from BARK in providing our adopter families pet supplies, Alejandra for reaching out to the Latin community, Gwen for reaching out to the German community, Vivian for reaching out to the Chinese community, and STRAY-SHANGHAI for providing books for sale (4 of their cats got adopted!). It was also a pleasure seeing familiar faces joining our event.
Last but not least, thank you to Iris and Papas Bierstube staff for being helpful and accommodating.
Please find below pictures from the adoption day. Enjoy and we are looking forward to October’s AD!
Come along on the 10th, and help us providedecenthomes to our beautiful animals!!!

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