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Looking for a mum & dad

Hi everyone, we are Blackie and Whitie. We were found by our temporary Dad – Vince on the street and lived in a garage ever since. We are given food and water twice a day and quite free (there are other bigger felines) to walk around in the garage/ garden and play. Vince cannot adopt us because he and his wife already have a big fat tabby at home for 4 years and she is not very friendly. Blackie is the people cat; she was meow meowing to Vince at first place and got picked up from a construction site full of trash. Blackie loves being pet and purr a lot, however, Whitie did not quite inherited the diplomatic gene and he Is quite shy but as handsome as Bill Clinton’s cat ‘Socks’, they love each other and wish to be adopted together, PLEASE, if anyone who has a space and loves cat, they are great companies, please e-mail: vincepei@gmail.com



“We both had our 1st  vaccination shots, deflead and dewormed….we just need a permanent home”



大家好,我们是小黑和小白。我们被人遗弃在一堆建筑垃圾中饿了好几天,幸好被Vince捡到把我们安排在他邻居的花园里面。他和他太太每天来喂我们两次我们也可以在花园里自由的走走(不过还有其他大的野猫会来跟我们抢地盘-我们只能抱头鼠窜)。Vince和他太太已经养了一只短毛猫所以他们不能收养我们。希望有好心人可以带我们回家并对我们好。小黑很亲人,给她吃点东西,拍拍她就会咕噜咕噜开心;小白有点怕生不过长得非常漂亮,有点像克林顿家里的‘Socks’,黑白相间的。只要你能提供他们一个屋檐,他们一定会成为你最好的伙伴, 请邮件联系我:vincepei@gmail.com

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