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We are ready for adoption….

These are pictures of Blacky,  he is living at our Ayi Wang´s place. He is a lovely boy, who loves to be cuddled and play a lot. He knows how to walk on leashes and he always goes to the bathroom for his businesses while he is taken out for a walk.  He seems to be an experienced walking dog, never seem to be scared when people, bikes, scooters or cars pass by. He also likes to explore new areas and he follows easily to areas where he hasn´t been before.
He is fine with other dogs, at the moment he has 4 friends he is living together with. Recently he got a new haircut for the summer, but his long hair will come back. He is blind on one eye, but this doesn´t stop him from being an adorable dog who only wants to get close to you. He can spend hours just to enjoy being pet. Please, give this lovely boy a new chance!



Blacky being walked

Blacky being walked

Hei Hei is living at Ayi Wang´s place. She is already an older lady, but still very playful and always keen to work for her treats. She has a lovely character and is doing fine together with her 4 friends she is living with. She has some problems with her hips, therefore she would like to live in a house with a garden, where she can enjoy the few years she still has to live. She doesn´t like to go on long walks anymore, but is always interested in everything around and loves being cuddled…..and she still likes to play!

Hei Hei

Hei Hei

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