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Tigger & Piglet

There were originally 3 small kittens when they were found at Xin Tian Di but unfortunately 1 died. They were about 4 weeks old when they were found and weighed less than 200 gr. each. They have been in foster care for about 2 weeks and have been bottle fed. Their weight are now up to nearly 500 grams and they are starting to eat solid foods but still drink from the bottle 3 times per day. They are now very cute and playful. In 2 more weeks they will be able to get their shots, will be fully weaned and  ready to be adopted by a loving family!


EDIS and Local Paper

Thanks to EDIS and local newspaper for giving JAR the ‘plug’!!

Many thanks for your support!

Thank you

…to Martina at CROWN RELOCATIONS for adding JAR’S leaflets and cards in their ‘Welcome Packs’.
She deals with following up on client’s move and settlement in Shanghai. She visits them at home/workplace providing them with a “welcome pack” which includes basic information about Shanghai (maps, yellow pages etc.) In the ‘Welcome Pack’ there is also about health care, schools, venues etc. 
Having our information included in the pack would be wonderful information for newcomers to Shanghai (mainly expat families) in hopes that most of them are willing to help!

Crown Relocation

Crown Relocation

Another company we like to express our thanks to is HOLA CHINA Magazine!
They have agreed to publish our information in their magazine every month!  Fantastic way for us to gain more exposure in the Latin community!
Thank you for your support!



German Shepherd rescue

Date: Friday 22nd October, 2010

Received a phone call from the two ‘Vivians’ (fellow friends, rescuers, and foster parents) and informed me that the Changning Factory people are moving out from their premise and the resident German shepherd (Xiao Hai) needed to be taken away.

To fully understand how this rescue came about, please check out the links below before reading on…

We had no choice, so I decided that we should go and try to rescue the dog. We drove (we as in: Vivian G, Vivian H, Vivian H’s father and myself) all the way to Changning and hoped for the best that we could catch him. We arrived at the location approx 9:45pm. The place had been cleared, heaps of rubble, sand, rocks and lots of empty worker huts remaining. We waited till the old man (who is the resident and waited patiently for us) opened the creaky iron gates. Xiao Hai (the dog), started barking and was doing his job…..guarding the place.

He is a fine looking German shepherd. A strong looking calm dog, yet skittish and submissive towards the man who was looking after him for the past 5 years. The man couldn’t take him to where he has been appointed for work. The dog kind of knew he was going to be separated from his master as he whimpered a lot.

It was difficult at first placing a collar over him (took approx 30 minutes). He kept running away, but in the end, we managed to oust him in one of the workers hut. We finally managed to get the collar on him; unfortunately, he flipped out and managed to free his way out of the collar and ran away. Another 15 minutes go by and we managed to entice him back in the hut. We successfully placed the collar on him and tied a rope around his mouth (for precaution). Please note that we did this for precaution but he was comfortable enough to pant and he was just fine with it.
At this point, there was no way we could take him naturally in the car especially to what happened before.
We needed a cage…..and a van!!!

We called around to see who could help us, but proved impossible especially when it was 11pm!!!!…..fortunately; Ayi Huang (rescuer) had a huge crate and had a driver friend who was willing to help. We needed the dog to go to Buddy Dog in Nanhui, but we had a long wait as the driver was coming from Baoshan, then he had to go to rescuer Huang’s place to pick up the cage, and then drive to where we were. We were just blessed to have a cage provided and a driver available, so I thank Ayi Huang for the support!

The driver finally came approx 1:30am. Huge hauling truck!
Xiao Hai was calm and content at this point. We patted him and made sure he was comfortable. We set up the cage in front of the hut. At ease, he went in the cage and we then carried the cage on the truck.
He is now safe. I could not imagine if we had to try and catch him the next day when the people were moving, weather was raining, and ample amount of vehicles going  in and out of the facility. It would have been a chaotic and stressful day for everyone and the dog.

I would like to thank Charis at Buddy Dog for their support in housing Xiao Hai in their kennel, Tony (dog trainer at Buddy Dog) for waiting up early hours in the morning and for my fellow friends for being patient. Even though we got home near 3am, it was worth it rescuing him. The end result is one fine looking German Shepherds I have seen in Shanghai.

I would like to call him ‘Andre Daniel’ or ‘AD’ for short after two of our smallest ‘cup cake, cookie and biscuit selling’ fundraisers for JAR!

Lost Pug

** UPDATE – 27th October – Pug came back home and he is safe again with his owner! **

An owner’s dog ran away last night from home. He has a collar on him but no contact details.

He is a pug, 1.5 years old. Please find details and photo attached.


We are putting up posters around my area, but please let us know if you might find him!

Many thanks

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Lily & Milo update

Lily ( pure white girl) and Milo ( tabby and white boy)

Brother and sister 8 weeks old. They were found without their mother in a building site in Gaolan Rd
at 4 weeks old. They are now very friendly, playful kittens with a great sense of adventure!!

Lily has one blue and one grey eye which makes her very special!
Milo is the ringleader and the
bravest of the two always getting into mischief, both enjoy playing and then curling up asleep together !
It would be great if they could be homed  together .
Due their first vaccination next week.

Contact us if you are interested in adopting these 2 adorable kittens!


SSIS’s Library Week Charity Sale

In conjunction with our Library Week, SSIS – Shanghai Singapore International School  (Xuhui Campus) will be having a charity sale on 12th November 2010. The school will kindly donate all proceeds to Jaiya’s Animal Rescue (JAR).

Your support for our cause is truly appreciated and with the proceeds given, JAR will collate and use the funds to start our ‘TNR – Trap, Neuter, Release’ Program.

Pictures of the event will follow!

Thank you to Kiran for making this happen!

Thank you SSIS!

Thank you SSIS!