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‘Stop the Elimination’ letter to the Management (Suzhou)

Please find below a letter that has been issued to the Golden Lough Management Office (Suzhou) due to the threat of ‘eliminating’ all stray cats in the compound. JAR intervened and has asked Jo (spokesperson and rescuer in the compound) to initiate and persevere to halt/stall the management’s agenda.
I have attached a few pictures of the cats/kittens that are deemed adoptable, however, for those cats that are too feral,  JAR will be implementing TNR/ABC program.

I have attached our TNR Program,  petition and cats sponsorship documents for your perusal.

JAR TNR – Shanghai

Golden Lough management petition


‘Hello Everyone,

I am writing to you in response to the residents meeting with the management here at Golden Lough. It was with distress that I read that the cats here would be eliminated from November 15th onwards. There has been some question as to what form this “elimination” may take but I am hoping we can find a more humane solution to the problem.
I am a member of the JAR animal rescue charity in Shanghai. They have an excellent scheme running there that I hope we can follow here at Golden Lough.
The solution is to trap our stray cats, neuter them and then release them back into the compound, neutered cats are generally much calmer and fight much less often. This TNR (Trap,neuter,release) has been shown to work in various locations around the world. Our neutered cats can wear a special collar and we could also make sure that they have been vaccinated, de-wormed and de-flea’d at the same time. The costs in Shanghai are around 200rmb per cat. Please see the attached document from JAR.
I believe this could be really successful but I would need your support and so I am asking the residents here if they would back such a scheme? I also need to know the size of the problem we might be facing. To this end, if you would like to help, please can you email to let me know of any cats around your home: Your house number, number of cats and as much detail about them as you can provide. We can then gauge the size of the problem and see if such a scheme would be viable.’

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