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1st November JAR AD!

Weather was great, the Chrismas Bazaar Huts were being set up in Hongmei Lu, Christmas is nigh.
JAR’S Animal Adoption Day was a success. Not as many animals adopted out as anticipated, however, 11 animals are in their forever homes and the buzz and turnout was amazing.
Thanking all dedicated rescuers and foster parents for attending and bringing over their beautiful rescued animals. PETKEEPER and YOU MAO for donating  a whole load of pet supplies, individuals for providing gifts in kind, a volunteer photographer that will post the event photos on BBS Forum, a German Travel journalist for media and fostering support, Alexandra and Vivian for their help in doing their ‘customer service’ part and staff of Papas Bierstube.

A total of 11 animals got adopted which brings a total of 17 animals for November (and it’s only the 8th Nov!)

Thank you to the adopters and passers-by for donating money to us!
Donations received: 3,100 RMB
Expenses: 500 RMB (Ayi Wang – Baoshan Base), TNR for East West Restaurant cats (11 of them), neutering for German Shepherd that was saved from Changning Factory.

Please enjoy the photos and short video from the event below!

We hope to see you again on the 28th November….this time in Pudong (Cafe Du Monde!)

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