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Milo & Lily -update

Lily ( pure white girl) and Milo ( tabby and white boy)

Brother and sister approx 9 weeks old. They were found without their mother in a building site in Gaolan Rd at 4 weeks old. They are now very friendly, playful kittens with a great sense of adventure!!
Lily has one blue and one grey eye which makes her very special! Milo is the ringleader and the bravest of the two always getting into mischief, both enjoy playing and then curling up asleep together !It would be great if they could be homed together.
Both are 100% healthy, vaccinated, dewormed and deflead!


Meet Soraya!

Hello, my name is Soraya and I am only 10 weeks old. I used to live on the streets of Shanghai where everyday was a struggle to find food and shelter. As I am still very little it wasn’t always easy for me but luckily one day my foster mom picked me up and took me home with her.

Since then I enjoy every day of my new life. I like to play a lot and eat all kinds of different food. I especially like dog food, treats and bananas but I hate carrots. If it was for me I could play all day but I also understand that my foster mom has other things to do as well so I have learned to play all by myself as well and do not cry for attention.

Yesterday I have met Dr. Stephanie and she said I am all healthy. She also said I have no fleas and gave me a pill against worms and my first vaccinations. I had a lot of fun there and didn’t have to cry a bit. I am looking forward to go there again in 4 weeks.

My foster mom thinks I am a very smart dog. I have already leaned how to use the pee pad (but I have to admit that when I am in the middle of playing I sometimes forget to go there) and I have started to learn a few commands like stay and sit. 

My foster mom tells she loves me very much but she also told me that I can not stay with her much longer as she will be leaving China soon and I am too little to go with her. But she also told me that she will find a new home for me. Someone who would love me as much as she loves me and who will take care of me so I never have to live on the streets again. I promise I will always be a good dog and that I will behave as well as I do at my foster mom’s home.