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Meet Soraya!

Hello, my name is Soraya and I am only 10 weeks old. I used to live on the streets of Shanghai where everyday was a struggle to find food and shelter. As I am still very little it wasn’t always easy for me but luckily one day my foster mom picked me up and took me home with her.

Since then I enjoy every day of my new life. I like to play a lot and eat all kinds of different food. I especially like dog food, treats and bananas but I hate carrots. If it was for me I could play all day but I also understand that my foster mom has other things to do as well so I have learned to play all by myself as well and do not cry for attention.

Yesterday I have met Dr. Stephanie and she said I am all healthy. She also said I have no fleas and gave me a pill against worms and my first vaccinations. I had a lot of fun there and didn’t have to cry a bit. I am looking forward to go there again in 4 weeks.

My foster mom thinks I am a very smart dog. I have already leaned how to use the pee pad (but I have to admit that when I am in the middle of playing I sometimes forget to go there) and I have started to learn a few commands like stay and sit. 

My foster mom tells she loves me very much but she also told me that I can not stay with her much longer as she will be leaving China soon and I am too little to go with her. But she also told me that she will find a new home for me. Someone who would love me as much as she loves me and who will take care of me so I never have to live on the streets again. I promise I will always be a good dog and that I will behave as well as I do at my foster mom’s home.

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