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Meet Tomasa & Leoncio

Tomasa & Leoncio
Gender: Tomasa (female) and Leoncio (male)
Age: Tomasa (Approx. 6 months old) and Leoncio (Approx. 4 months old)
Health: Vaccinated, dewormed and de-flead. Tomasa is spayed.
Ideal Home: Family with children

Story: The rescuer came across Tomasa and Leoncio in the East West Restaurant in Jinqiao (Pudong) in the beginning of November 2010. Tomasa and Leoncio are 2 out of 11 kittens that reside outside the East West Restaurant, where a cabin has been built for them. However, JAR will gradually rescue all the kittens and spay the mother cat to prevent another batch of abandoned litters.
Tomasa is a beautiful cat with big blue eyes and short white fur. She is always a little bit shy when she meets new people, but after a while she blossoms into a very affectionate cat … looking for your attention and purring of happiness when you hold her. Leoncio is a sweet and lovely kitten with eyes of different colors (blue and green) and long white fur. Given that his long fur makes him look like a small white lion he was named Leoncio (Spanish name that means Lion). Leoncio is no shy at all, and he will always enjoy to play and to be pet. One unique characteristic of Leoncio is that he does not meow at all (according to the Vet this can be a genetic inheritance in some cats).
Tomasa and Leoncio are very good friends, and truly enjoy each other’s company. Furthermore, these pair of white friends are real foodies … characteristic that probably has its origin in the fact that they both were rescued from outside the restaurant.
Can you give them their forever loving home?

For more information about being a foster parent or how to adopt a cat or dog from JAR, please contact shanghaidogs@gmail.com or come to visit JAR during its Animal Adoption Day in Puxi on Sunday December 12th, from 11:00 to 15:00 hrs, at from 11:00 to 15:00 hrs, at Papas Bierstube Restaurant, Hongmei Road 3338, Hongmei Pedestrian Street 22-24, Puxi, Shanghai (德国乡村西餐厅上海市闵行区虹梅路3338弄虹梅休闲街).

Cats available for Adoption: http://jargroup.doodlekit.com/album/album/312361
Dogs available for Adoption: http://jargroup.doodlekit.com/album/album/312351

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