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TNR Diary – Suzhou (Week 2)

Operation Catnip
TNR Diary Week 2 (Suzhou)


29th November 2010.

One broken carrier and a sad team today!
Three more cats caught for Hago hospital today. It was the first time using the trap kindly provided by JAR Shanghai. It worked really well and we got our cat safely into a carrier so that we could re-set the trap straight away. However there were tears to come. When we arrived at Hago the trapped cat became furious and smashed his way out of the carrier, he bolted instantly and we were unable to find him. The nurses and vet re-assured us that they would continue to search and that many cats live in their neighbourhood and are fed by local people. They believe he will be safe there. We will also keep searching and report if we have any news. So we have two males in for surgery today, all seven cats can be released on Thursday so that we be a big day for us. Our tiny rescue “Sinda” came home today. She is well but needs lots of TLC, she is very underweight and frightened.

30th November 2010.

Trap empty today. Searched for our missing cat but no-one has spotted him.

1st December 2010.

Trap successful this morning. One handsome cat inside. We took it to Hago and he/she will have the operation tomorrow. Another search for escapee, we are sure that we spotted him today; amongst four other tabbies, however it is very difficult to tell him apart from the others. They all look well but would come nowhere near us, however we feel better knowing he is in a compound and being fed.

2nd December 2010.

We brought seven carriers full of cats home today and the release went really well. Only one more cat in hospital now and we must stop for the holidays. We will resume again in the New Year once we have all our volunteers back.

Our Vet Dr. Wu and Nurse Wu with Coco (Dr. Wu’s dog)
Our Vet Dr. Wu and Nurse Wu with Coco (Dr. Wu’s dog)

Monday 6th December.Planning meeting today. We think we have about twenty more cats to TNR in the New Year. Our problem now is that we are concerned that we catch home cats as not all of them wear collars. We have sent out a plea to everyone via email to collar and tag their animals by January 10th when we hope to resume. We have one remaining cat in hospital; she is rather fond of chewing her wound so she needs an extra few days to recover. Our puppy “Zorro” also found a forever home today which is fantastic news. So that’s all from us until next year. We will leave you with a picture of a very happy released cat, our famous shop cat “Sweetie”. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a peaceful New Year J. 

Happy Sweetie

Happy Sweetie

TNR cats

TNR cats

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