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Rescue mission….

…I and JAR volunteers/rescuers went to Puxi late last night in hopes to rescue 2 puppies from a man who apparently has been eating dogs for many years, especially puppies…..we had no choice in the matter and deal with the situation.
As you can see from the pictures below, the puppies were kept outside in the freezing cold. The big dog was the man’s ‘guard dog’.
We arrived and the man was not there, so we took the puppies to our car. The man finally arrived (drunk), and we spoke with him of the situation. He became very aggressive and did not want to listen to what we wanted to say as we were trying to educate him about animal welfare. ‘No law, no right to tell me that I can’t eat dogs’ he exclaims.
3 guys showed up threatening us and wanted the puppies back but we pretended we had no idea where they were…..time to exit. The man did not want to compromise. He was being rude and disrespectful to all of us. There was no way we can ‘educate’ this man as he is set in his own ways……..shame….but we can only do so much and without animal protection laws set in place, we are vulnerable to do anything or have the ‘power’ to stop what he is doing…..I even called my contact who has ‘guanxi’ with the head of the police department but there is nothing they can do either…paying the man to stop is not going to do any good too…..hopefully things will change……
The puppies are at least safe and sound in the hospital…but we are sure our visit and lecture is not going to refrain him from doing what he is and will be doing…..

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