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Lola’s story….

** Our rescuer’s story about her rescued mother cat – LOLA **

The story of her rescue is that the day it snowed in Shanghai ( about two weeks before Christmas) I spotted Lola in the grounds of the arts and crafts gallery at the end of my road. I always peer thru the fence when I pass as this is the big breeding ground near me where I have seen several litters of kittens and numerous adult cats – (Josita who is still on JAR website was rescued from here when she was a tiny thing just sitting on the wall -also three other very tiny kittens that very sadly had to be put to sleep  as they had F.P.)

I hadnt seen Lola before there and she was extremley pregnant and also very friendly- I rushed back home and got my carrier as there was no way she could stay in those freezing conditions and have her babies. I managed to squeeze her huge tummy thru the bars of the fence and a chinese passer by who obviously understood what I was trying to do helped me ( ta hen da!!!! tai leng!!!!- very limited mandarin!!)
I then took her straight to Petshome where Stephanie Goltz and another vet looked her over and took an xray to find she had 6 babies inside. They thought she was in pretty good health and only about 1-2 years old. One of the babies heads was very near the birth canal so she expected her to give birth very soon! I took her home to desperately find a foster carer or somewhere to board her as I was scheduled to fly out within a few days back to London for the Christmas break. With all fosterers full and> her condition needing close monitoring she ended up back at Petshome.

Then there follows a very sad story.
Whilst I was back in London other JAR volunteers kindly monitored her progress by calling and checking whether the kittens had been born almost every day. Over two weeks passed ..Lola was absolutely huge by then and everyone involved was very concerned for her babies. Then one day she was rushed into surgery as the first two kittens had emerged but were stillborn and also badly deformed.
We waited nervously hoping  that the other four would be alive and ok but sadly all 4 were also stillborn and with the same horrible deformities. The initial reason suggested was toxin injestion – a pretty easy thing to do in China.
This would be spread to Lolas babies and cause the abnormal growth of their bodies and also their death.
The one positive of all this was that Lola had pulled through , though was understandably weakend by the operation.
She refused to eat when coming to after the op and had to be put on a drip .A blood test proved positive to blood parasites- a condition called Haemoplasmosis which is spread by a tick or flea bite. This would prove to be the most likely cause of the kittens deformities after all. She was treated with antibiotics for the Haemoplasmosis and remained listless and depressed for a further two weeks after the op, refusing to eat by herself and still confined in her boarding crate.
Finally with a bit of  coaxing ,her appetite was reawakened and she was ok to go home with Juliet, a JAR fosterer after a full month of being ‘crated’ . Lola was very happy to be ‘home’ and get some proper TLC and settled in remarkably quickly to her new surroundings, curling up on the sofa and purring loudly on her first evening there.
Now, this is one cat who definitely deserves a happy ending!!
She is a lovely cat- ‘ a real sweetie’ as Juliet says! Remarkably placid and chilled- even the vets commented on how relaxed she was for a street cat. She just has a sweet friendly temperament and really needs a chance to recover fully and then go to a permanent home that will cherish her !! Fingers crossed!
Hope to hear some good news soon!

Contact JAR at shanghaidogs@gmail.com

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