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Lost Dog?


** Update 18th Feb 2011  – Lori’s driver’s family has decided to adopt the dog as they fell in love with her! If the real owner does contact us, the family have accepted and will surrender the dog back to her rightful owners. We are glad that the dog is in a home safe & sound **

Dear All,

Please see email below.

This cute little dog was found in the middle of the road today (afternoon time) all wet, scared and filthy from the mud.
He/she was found outside Green Villas (Pudong).
If anyone lives in Green Villas, please forward this amongst your friends and friends of friends just in case the dog was lost.

Can posters be put up in the compound? Management office informed?
Fingers crossed, someone out there owns this dog.

Please contact Lori on: lorijpascoe@msn.com if you know who this dog belongs to.
Thank you for your support!

Kind regards,
JAR – Jaiya’s Animal Rescue
“…every animal deserves a safe, secure & loving home…”


From: lorijpascoe@msn.com

Subject: re: Lost dog on Mingyue Road (outside Green Villas)
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 06:27:29 -0500
Hey Marvin and Barbara,

Picked up the little dog after its shampoo.
Extremely well behaved dog.   Eats well from a bowl of dog food, and drinks from a bowl. Not skinny or infested with fleas etc.  It is definitely a house dog.
Noticeable feature – an outward extruding front tooth. This dog must be older than I thought  because of this.  My kids just told me they think that is all he/she has.
The little doggy, unfortunately, needs to sleep in our garage, as we have a very large, curious puppy who is dying to get at this poouch (though in a loving way).  We also have two old, eccentric cats that could cause problems should their lives be disrupted more ( from that big dog).
So, I will keep the dog overnight hoping that you will come and help me out tomorrow. 
Enclosed are pictures.
Thanks much.


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