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JAR – TNR Suzhou (Catnip Diary)

Snow, sickness and Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! We resumed the TNR activities with one cat caught and into hospital. Since it is very cold we are not leaving the trap out overnight, feeling it would be too uncomfortable and stressful for any catches inside. We were then hit by the snow which put a total stop on us for a few days. Following a bout of sickness in our family we resumed again this week. Winter is proving a difficult time to trap the cats, with no success this week at all. I think the Golden Lough cats are becoming wise to us, only appearing at night for food and then disappearing all day! We now have Chinese New Year looming and since our vets will close, tomorrow is the last chance to admit any animals until after CNY.

Counting Cats

We are increasingly finding it difficult to trap cats that are not already ear tipped. It seems those who have already been through the system quite like the trap and don’t mind using it. However those who still need to be neutered are less inclined to venture inside. We have managed to get three new cats into hospital this week but those who are on stray cat watch keep reporting only ear tipped cats. Perhaps we are further towards reaching our goal than we thought, we are trying to count cats this month and we will keep setting the trap and hoping. We are now longing for the warmer weather; at the moment it’s a cold job for us and a chilly life for our cats.

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