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ICS – ‘Culture Matters’ Show

Myself representing JAR,  Zhang Ayi (rescuer of 40 cats), Dr. Stephanie Goltz (vet) & Gerline Plate (dog trainer) were present at the ICS ‘Culture Matters’ Show on Friday (25th Feb, 2011). 
The one hour show was divided into three parts.

They had a local celebrity talking about her rescued animals, Stephanie discussing about medical fees and views about animals in Shanghai, Gerlinde Plate on dog training, rescuer Zhang talking about her 40 rescued cats, and myself talking about JAR and what our cause is all about.

Some of the questions asked were:

The situation of the street dogs and cats here in the city?
How the amount is increasing in recent years?
What local people do to help them?
What’s the situation in foreign countries? Do they have a law or regulation on this?
What’s the biggest problems faced when doing rescue and protection here in Shanghai?
Will that be the health care part or the adoption?
Qualifications and screening process in finding potential adopters?
Medical fees? Abandonment? Responsibilities?
Pet relocation? TNSR? and many other topics were discussed.
We also had a small  adoption ceremony where I adopted out a puppy to an adopter.
At the end of the recording,  we and all the audience did a signing event which will propose the signatures to the related government in hopes to speed up the pace of passing the animal protection law in China…..the most meaningful part of the whole show.

Thanks to the rescuers that came and brought their adorable dogs tothe show!

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