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JAR presentation at RBIS

** JAR invited to do a presentation for the children of Rainbow Bridge International School **
Miss Michelle Cobaugh from Rainbow Bridge International School (http://www.rbischina.org/Default.aspx) contacted Jaiya’s Animal Rescue to invite us to do a presentation on what we do as an animal rescue group.
Michelle is a 2nd grade teacher at RBIS and her students are currently working on a unit of inquiry regarding responsibilities in a workplace. They have been learning about charities and the students choose JAR as the charity that they would like to support by creating their own “workplace” (raising funds for our cause).
Last Wednesday March 2nd, Alejandra (Volunteer / Foster Parent) visited RBIS and talked to the children about raising animal awareness, telling them more about why we help animals, how we work, and why we need to educate and get more help from the community. The first presentation of Alejandra was in the classroom of the second grade students, and then a second presentation was done for all the students of RBIS in the gym. All children and teachers showed great interest in our cause and they are offered us not only to raise money for JAR’s activities, but also to post our information in their children board.
Thank you to Miss Michelle and RBIS for a great day with the children!

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