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Shanghai Daily article (March 7th)

Expat holds a stray dog yesterday at an adoption event held by Jaiya’s Animal Rescue on
Hongmei Road. About 100 people from home and abroad came along to look for a pet.

Gray day, but bright for 15 strays
Created: 2011-3-7 1:12:26
Author:Dong Zhen

DESPITE the misty, drizzly weather, yesterday afternoon brought some sunshine into the lives of 15 stray and rescued dogs and cats found new owners at an animal welfare group’s adoption event.

Afterwards, the Jaiya’s Animal Rescue (JAR) said it would continue to hold the monthly adoption day in the city. It encouraged more would-be owners to come and see the rescued animals.

About 100 people, including many foreign residents, visited the event, sponsored by a German pub on Hongmei Road S. The volunteers were able to find qualified adopters for 15 dogs and cats during the event.

“We have been running the adoption day on a monthly basis since last April. About 150 dogs and cats have been adopted through the events,” said Hui Hui, a Chinese organizer from the group.

JAR encourages people to adopt rescued strays instead of buying pets. Animals offered for adoption have all been vaccinated, cleaned and, if their age permits it, sterilized.

Volunteers said many of the animals had been abandoned, were ill or had been injured by cars. However, following treatment, they were back in good health.

One Chinese volunteer showed a brown and white spotted dog they had rescued.
“We saved it from a river, and it was trembling all the time when we first rescued it. But now, following lots of care, it’s healthy again. We look forward to finding it a good home.”

More information on JAR activities is available at www.jargroup.doodlekit.com 

It’s believed that there are tens of thousands of stray dogs and cats in the city.

* source: http://www.shanghaidaily.com/gallery/photo.asp?article_id=465568

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