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JAR Cat Diary (Suzhou) 4


Fun and Games

Four more cats successfully neutered and vaccinated this month.  We have had our eyes on a huge ginger tom for some time; we eventually managed to trap him this week. Great result until he let us know that he wasn’t entirely happy in the trap! He is by far the most resistant cat we have come across. We made the decision to carry him to the vets in the trap as no-one was brave enough or daft enough to try to transfer him. All went well until we were safely in the surgery holding room when he made a break for freedom while being transferred to a cage. We have a well practiced routine for this drop off so he was enclosed in the one room, however it took about an hour and lots of furniture removal before we were anywhere near him. He was incredibly strong and extremely annoyed, in the end our vet managed to anaesthetise him from afar and he had his surgery straight away. We all agreed that this tom cat didn’t seem scared at all, he just looked mighty furious. I borrowed the vet’s cage for his release as no-one wanted to try transfer. The lovely thing is we have seen him lots of times since release and he is consistent, he still hates us!

Not a happy kitty!

On another note, one of our first rescues, a tiny, malnourished kitten named Sinda by her rescuer, is now big and strong and has had had her surgery, she will never make it to family pet status because she much prefers the outdoor life but she is still a success in her own way.

Sadly the TNR fund is now much depleted and since our group concentrate on one compound only, it is difficult to see how we can source further help. It may be that we have to move our focus onto monitoring the cats we have already helped, watch this space.


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