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Successful kittens rescue

Jaiya’s Animal Rescue (JAR) is very happy to announce that today (May 12) three lovely kittens were rescued thanks to joint team effort from volunteers of JAR and PPAR (Paw Pals Animal Rescue).
A few days ago we received an e-mail from a JAR adopter informing us about 3 kittens that needed to be rescued urgently, as one of them was already sick. Unfortunately, the kittens were lacking medical attention and were neglected by the people that had them living in their grounds.
This afternoon Alejandra, Sophia, Cathy and Kent went to Suzhou Lu to assess the situation and to hopefully retrieve the kittens if possible. Luckily for everybody involved the kittens were there and they were all caught easily!
Alejandra took the kittens to Petshome Jing An hospital and all 3 were examined. The biggest one is a beautiful female kitten called Isabella (blond tabby) and she seems to be quite well. The other two smaller kittens are male and their names are Persio (white with blue eyes), and Candido (white tabby). Persio was the sick kitten that triggered the rescue operation. He had an anal probable infection problem, but he was treated by the vet and received a good prognosis now. Candido has an under nourishing problem, but he certainly can get better.
All 3 kittens were also treated for fleas and worms, and will be under medical observation in Petshome for a few days.

Thank you very much to all the people that made this rescue operation a success!

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