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Joint effort allowed successful rescue of beautiful dog

On May 17th one of our volunteers saw a posting on the EnjoyShanghai website a plea for help. The author of that plea was Sergey, who was extremely concerned about a young dog that was kept in very poor conditions in a restaurant, tied with a rope, with no chance to play or run and frequently abused by some of the restaurant clients (some clients used to throw food at him!).

One urgent e-mail was sent to several people in order to gather a group of volunteers that will meet Sergey to help rescue the dog (a 1,000 RMB ransom fee was asked by the owner to release the dog)

Today (May 18th) a team coordinated by Alejandra (Marketing & Advertising officer for JAR), gathered a foster parent name Carolina and Kitty (volunteer from PPAR / Paw Pals Animal Rescue). They both met up with Sergey in order to rescue the dog.
Kitty helped enormously with the negotiation and the ransom was lowered to 500 RMB (half was paid by Sergey and half by Jaiya’s Animal Rescue).

After the dog was released, Carolina and Kitty took him to the Vet hospital where he was examined. Oscar (Snowy) will stay in the hospital for a few more days for further observation, but so far he seems not to have any serious medical condition.

Thank you very much to Sergey and all the volunteers that help this story to have a happy ending!
See pictures of the dog below!

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