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Jinxe Kittens

** Rescuers words:

They were found in one of those large green garbage bins in a deserted backstreet in the pretty Watertown of Jinxe. They were inside a plastic bag with a pile of rubbish on top of them. It was only their plaintive mewing that alerted me to them. We gingerly tipped the bin onto it’s side and scrambled thru the debris to find them, popped them
Into an ikea bag and taxid straight to Petshome vet an hour away.
At the vet their fresh umbilical cords were carefully cut and they were given what was probably their first ever feed.

Thereafter  3 hourly feeds round the clock .
They all steadily gained weight initially eyes still tightly shut with squeaky little voices and resilient spirit.
Then Jinxe the only White boy stopped his weight gain and whilst his brothers Stanley and Teddy and sister Honey continued to look more robust he started to slip into a frailer condition.
For kittens this young there is little to nothing they can do but provide probiotic paste to strengthen the gut and leave the rest to nature and the fighting spirit of the kitten.

Jinxe now continues to look frail- a shadow compared to his siblings… but still feeds and mews and complains and sleeps… It is frankly heartbreaking to experience with him.
We can only pray that he has a miraculous turnaround.

Today Stanley , the all tabby boy developed a raspy gurgle in his chest …an ominous sound in a kitten so vulnerable and small…. now I greatly fear they all harbour a respiratory infection which is so dangerous for those so little and unable to take the antibiotics that normally would help them….

Please say a little wish for the Jinxe kittens …

The Jinxe kittens . Day 4

Jinxe in better form last week


Jinxe on his way to the vet again..

I really hope they pull through – it is really painful to think what may happen as I am deeply fond of them already.. Their little characters are developing , their eyes are opening… : (

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