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Meet Shi Er

* Sunday, 22nd May, 2011 *

I received a phone call from a friend informing me that a small dog was tied up to a railing in the Green Court compound (Jinqiao – Pudong). This was my first rescue ‘call out’ that I received (total of 3 rescues were made today!).
Unfortunately, I had no foster parent available and my friend who called already has 3 dogs of her own….what am I supposed to do? A silly question to ask of course…..so off I go to Green Court!
As you can see from the photos below, Shi Er (number 12 in English) was tied up to a railing, she had a bowl of water/food as some people were feeding her. By the looks of it, she was probably abandoned for a few days as she was a little dirty and smelt quite a bit.

Here she is....

Here she is....

A super friendly and happy dog. She wagged her tail when I arrived and got to like me right away….she knew she was going to be saved!  🙂
I took her to the vet where she will be health checked, vaccinated, dewormed/deflead, spayed and given a wash!
She will stay at the hospital for a week so that will give me a timeframe to find her at least a foster home.

Can you help and spread this posting to your circle of friends?

Name: Shi Er
Gender: Female
DOB: Oct 201

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