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** Update: May 30th, 2011 – A potential adopter is going to Skylar. Fingers crossed it will work out!

緊急領養,無人領養或被毀滅! Urgent Help to adopt a Siberian Dog, it will be put to death on 29th May, 2011 if no one adopts it.
Please contact the volunteer Ms  Samantha for details   852-93430381
這是香港義工 Samantha 代狗狗發的求助訊息:(This message is sent out by Samantha who is the volunteer of Animal Fans of Hong Kong)
Please on pass to anyone who is interested and who lives in Hong Kong.

性別:男(已絕育/being neutered)
狗狗現時 7歲(7 years old),健康情況良好 (healthy, annual routine shots and registered chip),有定時打預防針及植有晶片。
Skylar 主人由於懷孕,家中還有其他小狗,所以想找個新主人繼續好好待他;(being abandoned as master got pregnant)
本來已經找了新主人,但好可惜新主人又再一次離棄了他。(new master abandons him again without reason)
基本上 Skylar 算聽話,但重點是他不懂與其他狗狗相處……(Skylar is quite obedient but not playful with other dogs)
主人將狗狗留了在診所,不能久留,如沒人領養可能會遭漁護署毀滅。(He is being kept in an animal clinic as the vet doesn’t want to put him dead, but he can only keep him till 29th May, 2011)
恕不能公開診所名稱,如能領養請致電 93430381 聯絡義工 Samantha。
請各位有心人士幫忙轉貼出去~盡快幫 Skylar 仔找個新主人啦~

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