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Meet Cedric

Name: Cedric
D.O.B: May 2010
Gender: Male
Weight: 3,1 kg
Health: dewormed, deflead, neutered, vaccinated.

We are desperately looking for a new home for Cedric, a gorgeous long-haired boy.
A family abroad had already promised to adopt him and we had started to prepare everything necessary for Cedric’s relocation. However, now, 6 weeks before our departure the family changed it’s mind due to private reasons!
Cedric was rescued in february from a rough life on the streets of Shanghai. He was in a very poor condition and taken to Dr. Goltz for medical care. (The rescuer abandonded him at the vet hospital because she couldn’t foot the bill)
He was apathetic, malnourished and had several infected biting wounds all over his body. Hence his legs, bottom and stomach had to be shaved – the fur is still in the process of growing but you can see daily progress 🙂
Due to an infection he had to undergo several ear irrigations every few days for weeks. But he’s fine now and stopped
scratching his ears.
Thanks to a lot of TLC and attention he has now turned into a healthy and happy cat which enjoys the comfort of living inside a house.
Cedric is a gentle cat with a friendly and playful demeanour. He loves to be around people – cuddling, napping or just hanging out. Being a very social cat, Cedric is like his foster mom’s shadow, following her around all day, even sitting next to her when she’s preparing meals. He enjoys being cuddled and will purr the minute you touch him. He’d make an ideal pet for any family with enough time to lavish attention on him.

Cedric is fine with other cats (adult cats and kittens) as well as with our dog. However, only recently, one of our male cats started bullying poor Cedric – biting and chasing him around. We therefore have to keep them separated all the time which is causing us a big headache. We will be away for a long vaccation during summer and our Ayi won’t be able to
master this challenge….. a new home is needed a.s.a.p.!

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