Thank you to COOL DOCKS Management staff for letting us do our Animal Adoption Day in their venue. Luckily the weather held off the rain and the turn out of people who came was great!

New place, fresh faces and implementing our new regulations and policies made it a lot easier for me to control and assess the event…it was not perfect, but it is our first time holding our adoption day here and everyone complied  🙂
Thank you to all rescuers and foster parents that attended, our volunteers and of course our senior officers in making things happen!

Many thanks for all gifts in kind, pet supplies and donations received from existing supporters and passers-by.
A special thank you to Cameron who sold ‘Used Books’  and managed to raise 1500 RMB! Well done Cameron!!
We are encouraging people to donate any books that are not wanted and contact us as we will be selling used books every month at adoption day!

7 animals adopted, 3 fostered out and 2 pending adoptions….not bad at all. I am just so glad that  many dogs and cats (registered through JAR) came and were all well behaved 😉

We are going to hold another adoption day at COOL DOCKS. Date to be confirmed. Watch this space…however, we hope to see you all at our next adoption day (JULY 10th) at Hongmei Lu!!!!

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