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More kittens!

I would be grateful if you could add these kittens to your online gallery. I am heading back to Australia in two weeks time for seven weeks and would dearly love to have found them homes before I take off. They are all now 10 weeks old, 2 are females and 3 males. 
These five kittens were born on my back verandah. I had been taking care of the mother cat on and off for three years now and she was heavily pregnant when our compound management starting poisoning the strays in our compound. I could not let her endure the same fate so placed her permanently on my verandah and fed her. Hence she gave birth to these five little cuties. At about 6 weeks of age another cat started to steal them off of the verandah but luckily I was able to locate them all in the bush behind our house. Around the same time the mother started to wonder off again at night time and fearing she would again become pregnant we decided to trap her and have her spayed, which left me looking after the babies. They have now been living in the house for the past four weeks and are well socialised. They love to play, get into mischief and jump on your lap for a cuddle. They are becoming more curious by the day and like to go outside for a little exploring, under supervision of course.
The males are Tinker (black and white), Tramp (black and white) and Freckle (ginger and while with half ginger face). The females are Milo (calico) and Fuzzball (ginger and white with the white face).
They would make terrific pets, they love people and children.
They are all litter trained, and have had their first vaccinations.

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