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5 hospital kittens found!

Early this morning whilst doing an early morning feed for my  two young foster kittens I heard some  strident kitten cries coming from the  next door hospital grounds. They were very shrill & urgent cries coming from the same place I had found & rescued the three White kittens Pea , Po & Pong ( now renamed Zoe , Mary & Trixie) a few weeks ago.
So I had to go & investigate and found 5 very small kittens huddled in a box in the grounds. A kind Chinese lady had left them milk &  hard cat biscuits but they were too young for the hard food and didn’t know how to lap the milk.
She said that their mother had gone- my mandarin is basic so I couldn’t understand why or how but it was clear she was sadly not coming back .
They couldn’t stay outside despite the kind lady’s efforts – they needed a warm dry place & regular bottle-feeding to survive. The vet later said they would’ve had little chance of survival without intervention.
So now they are all  boarding at Eagle Valley – thankfully there was a spare crate for them. I couldnt take them in
myself as my two are too vulnerable to infection.
They were all weighed and treated for a bad flea infestation , then put in a cosy bed and given a bottle each. With some coaxing they quickly learnt to feed from a bowl of wet kitten food too.
There are 3 boys who are all white with black spots and two calico girls and are around 3 weeks old.
I need to find a fosterhome for these five as a home environment is what they need and i cannot afford indefinite boarding!
As they now are eating wet food only 3-4 bottle feeds a day are needed, which will slowly reduce to none once they learn to drink by themselves.
Please  – Is anyone free to take these little rascals into their home??

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