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Rescuing Matteo…

I noticed Matteo one week before I rescued him for the first time. He was new to our compound and the other male cats were giving him a hard time, chasing him away from the rubbish bins and places were locals feed stray cats. He was in a very poor state of health, he seemed to have a tail infection and was very, very dirty. We could see and especially hear him miaowing a lot. His voice sounded like an old rusty pipe. He was so hungry that it was quite easy to catch him.

The vet was a bit shocked when seeing him for the first time and was really worried that she would have to take off his tail (the wound looked terrible), however, it turned out to be just a small and very dirty wound which is now healing.

Healthwise Matteo is fighting against several issues: a skin fungus, mites, a gum and tail infection but he is improving daily. He absolutely enjoys the endless supply of wet and dry food. Matteo also let’s everyone pet his head and will start purring. He also starts purring when you give him some treats. He is around 5 years old, neutered, vaccinated and will surely turn into a beautiful cat.

He will have to stay at the vet hospital for some time but eventually he will need a foster place or, even better, a new home (a safe garden would be a big plus).

Please also contact us if you want to make a contribution to his medical fees.


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